Stephanie Forrest

Software—this page is under (re)construction

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Here are some older software projects from our research group. More recent ones coming soon.

Automated Software Repair and Optimization

Genetic Optimization Algorithm (GOA)
Post-compiler Software Optimization for Reducing Energy

Computer Security

Intrusion Detection System
IDS Algorithm and Data Source modules for testing IDS algorithms
Sequence-based intrusion detection (s-tide)
STIDE implements the time-delay embedding method of anomaly detection.
Process Homeostasis (pH)
pH is a Linux kernel extension which detects and exponentially slows down unusual program behavior.
Network Intrusion Detection (lisys)
Lisys monitors TCP SYN packets to detect network traffic anomalies.
RISE: Randomized Instruction Set Emulation
Implements a binary translator providing a unique and private machine instruction set for each executing program.

Biological Modeling

Allows the user to explore the phenomenon of cancer by simulating and visualizing cell growth and genetic mutation.

mechanisms which regulate diversity and information-processing in systems comprised of many interacting adaptive agents, or complex adaptive systems (CA

Other Software

Adaptive Radio
Using negative preferences to achieve music consensus.